Surfer Girl Chords - Beach Boys

                             "Surfer Girl"
                             (Brian Wilson)


[6/8; w/wordless vocals]

D            F#m            Bm           F#m
/ / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  / / /
G             Em            A [N.C.]
/ / /  / / /  / / /  / / /  /

Verse 1:

 D      Bm      G      A
Little surfer, little one
Dmaj7    D7         G    Gm6
Make my heart come all undone
D       Bm      G       A      D      Bm       G             A
Do you love me, do you surfer girl
                             (surfer girl, my little surfer girl)

Verse 2:

I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the ocean's roar
D       Bm     G       A      D      Gmaj7         D      D7
Do you love me do you surfer girl
                             (surfer girl, surfer girl)


G         A   Dmaj7             Bm
We could ride       the surf together
 G         A          D    D7
While our love would grow
G      A    Dmaj7          Bm
In my woody       I would take you
 E           A    Bb
Everywhere I go...oh

[key changes to Eb]

Verse 3:

Eb   Cm       Ab    Bb
So I say from me to you
Ebmaj7  Eb7       Ab         Abm6
I will make your dreams come true
Eb      Cm     Ab        Bb [N.C.]
Do you love me do you   surfer

Coda [repeat to fade]:

 Eb           Cm      Abmaj7         Bb
Girl, surfer girl, my little surfer girl

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers