Versuri Beardfish - In Real Life There Is No Algebra

Album: Beardfish - Destined Solitaire

I'm waging war against me
I'm trying to free my mind, you see
I think I am quite insane
Trying to find my reptile brain
But then I'm gonna nuke it
Then I'm gonna send the m**********r flying...
byebye brain...

I looked into the eyes of an idiot
and in him I saw myself
People walking by,
disgusted faces at a distance
They seem to think they're better,
Man you know that is a lie

but it's hard to see a peer in one with
whom you can't identify

I gazed into the eyes of the madman
and I saw, and I saw, and I saw myself
All these little things we do, our way of life,
We're babies, repeating everything we see,
stem-celled from TV

Looking back I wonder if it was just a huge
lack of discipline
That stopped me from ever learning algebra
Maybe I'm just too dumb
(monkey see, monkey do)

I've found my sole purpose
I need to evolve, and fast
when we talk, if I nod off
smack my face, I won't be cross
Teach me as you would a
Teach me as you would a dog

strapped to my lazy-chair
sitting in the living room where
I watch Discovery all day long
Evolving as I sing this song:
I'm a Modern Einstein (x6)

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