Versuri Beheaded - Unbound

Album: Beheaded - Recounts Of Disembodiment

Contours broaden devoid of constriction
Confinements lost, freeing my affliction
Drifting beyond mortality, surpassing the divine
To revamp the off-lit art - forever shine
Terrain upon which the senseless is wisdom
Feeling my mind weaken
Unable to absorb nor give meaning
I drown in heaven
To remerge caressed by infernal spleandor
Angelic bestiality
Intertwines with demonic clemence
Forming waves
Diverged from my prescribed path I roam
Setting unrevealed parameters to my own mind
Forcing it to spread engulfing the reasons
Hidden beneath my very own creation
Blinded in a world of nonsense
Initiating journeys
Ascending into thoughts without adhering
Unboun deliberations of the human mind
Absurd rhythms and tempos give rise to
Orchestral inversions
Entangling me deeper in warmth
Below which I chill
Making me long for the solitude
Once fulfilled
Pouring the bittermost droplets
of forlorn essence

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