Nergal este investigat de autoritatile din Polonia

de Cristi Nedelcu

Nergal este investigat de autoritatile din Polonia

Frontman-ul Behemot, Adam 'Nergal' Darski are probleme cu autoritatile din Polonia pentru ca ar fi dat dovada de lipsa de respect fata de insemnele nationale ale tarii.

Este vorba de stema Poloniei care apare intr-o forma neagreata de autoritati pe tricoul 'The Republic Of The Unfaithful' al formatiei.

Conform legislatiei poloneze simbolurile tarii sunt protejate impotriva oricaror feluri de insulta sau profanare.

Iata ce a declarat Nergal:

"So here I go again. On my way to the prosecutor's office in Gdansk to be questioned as a suspect in 'The Republic Of The Unfaithful' case. Me and my partner in 'crime' Maciek Manticore Gruszka is showing up too. Several individuals have been already questioned, including heraldists who have made their statement clear: THIS IS NOT A POLISH EMBLEM. Apparently it's not enough for the decision makers in the court.

Are they looking for a scapegoat? Is this another attempt of the Polish government to convict Nergal and give an example for other artists? What's the hidden message of those actions, may I ask? 'Do NOT f**k with us'? 'Polish emblem as well as other religious symbols are meant to be untouchable'? 'Art has its strict borders and thou shalt obey, Nergal!'?

Weird times, weird country, weird vibes… I do NOT feel safe and comfortable here, I must admit, but do I feel guilty? f**k no. I worship the reason and I'm a massive fan of logic, therefore it is OBVIOUS that the eagle that has NO crown can NOT be a Polish emblem. Period.

Sadly we have stopped selling shirts with this motive (but hey, it's ALREADY the best-selling shirt in our catalogue! huurraaay!) but what we are gonna do with fans who have tattooed 'The republic of the unfaithful' on their back? Shall we arrest them? Peel the skin off? Cover it up? These rhetorical questions I'm gonna leave unanswered here and go to do what I do best: p**s stupid people off with sincere and honest art and I shall NEVER give up on my freedom to do so."

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