Nergal i-a asteptat pe Accept cu bere si povesti

de Andreea Gherfi

Nergal i-a asteptat pe Accept cu bere si povesti

Nergal, solistul formatiei Behemoth, a fost sa-i vada pe Accept live in cadrul concertului pe care germanii l-au sustinut ieri in Polonia, alaturi de Sabaton, Accept fiind una dintre trupele metal care care l-au inspirat cand era copil. Nergal i-a primit pe nemti cu bere Behemoth si cu povesti despre un concert legendar pe care polonezii au avut ocazizia sa-l vada in '85.

"These German legends have just played in my hometown. I remember I must have been just few years old when my brother brought the old worn out cassette with Saxon, Van Halen and Accept among others. I honestly HATED it. I was too young to understand metal aesthetics and the sound. I would put my head in the pillow and cover my ears while my brother was blasting "Metal Heart" from the speakers. But it didn't take long for me to realise this noisy guitars are pretty fuckin' cool after all... So I stole or used my pocket moneys to buy back the "Stilon Gorzow" tape from Pawel, my brother. Life has changed for me all the way ever since. He moved away from Hard rock towards more disco and poppy genres and I kept on exploring metal in its all domentions. This cozed several conflicts between us but I didn't care much...I remember Polish TV would actually play some of Accept clips in music programs. If I'm correct our TV was black and white back then so I didn't even know if the original vision is colored or not...;))) I formed the band shortly after but that's another story. Anyways, I aproached these Gents in the hall way of Ergo arena asking if they remember the show they played in Gdask in '85?! They did! Over 30 years ago they sold out Hala Olivia Venue and they were one of the very few foreign acts that came to Poland in the deepest comunism decade at that time. I was too young to attend that show but I'm old enough to still enjoy their teutonic terror! Brought some of Behemoth Browar PERUN beer... I bet Germans will appreciate good craft beer from the (metal) heart of Poland! The show was solid as f**k, tight, vital... exactly what I would expect it to be. They seriously played as If they wanted to invade Poland again...;) Ballz to the wall!"

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