Versuri Behemoth - The Nephilim Rising

Album: Behemoth - Demigod

[music by Nergal; lyrics by Krzysztof Azarewicz; acoustic outro by Seth]

I'm burning like a f*****g fire
Mysterious Domain, Murdered Apprehension
Shemyaza, Lacifarus - glow like the Sun
in this final hour
ov Dawn ov the Dusk
I, heart ov all chthonic hearts
vulture eye, fallen one, proclaim:

this great world
is a mirror ov my small self:
striving for infinity, shall I remain?

we cannot kill the time:
it is the time that kills us
and I'm the answer on my questions
and blood ov my hopes and all prayers -
mark the sunset, the last judgment -
and my rainment... -
this is the night, just black damn'd night

as dethroned so enthroned, attracted... rejected...
in this totality is perfection ov Me in Thee
freedom ov Nature, delight ov Existence
so intoxicate me as I intoxicateth thee
slay me as I created thee
when reality is nothing more
than quantum vortex deep sleep
make it lucid dream
or hallucinate if you please
in exaltations ov All, One, None
there Is No Difference
we are the First and we are the Last
Io Pan!

[lead: Nergal]
[acoustic lead: Nergal]

[on one level ov interpretations these lyrics deal with the nephilim mythos. but there are other meanings which are more subtle and concealed between its verses, these refer to modern history and my personal experiences ov time and space. basically the idea behind this poem is that no one can easily say that some things are "above" or "below" others. who can judge this? history, human evolution, universe and existence itself is something more than a vertical line connecting human with divine. take for example Agrippa's "Three Books of Occult Philosophy": if we look closely at talismans symbolising micro- and macrocosm we will see clear similarities between them and the fact that they aren't connected vertically but more horizontally so to speak. now, everything is clear and right before our eyes...]

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