Versuri Beneath The Massacre - Profitable Kill Count

Album: Beneath The Massacre - Evidence Of Inequity

Religious soldier praying for a blessed kill count
That will lead his people to a false victory.
The antagonist, blinded by the faith he has for another great dictator
Just to know any success in killing.
Both sides are armed and ready for the next sacrifice:
A way used by those in power to hide economical interests under a crusade.
Conditioned as they fight.
Ready? The show will begin.
[Media:] Cameras are shooting.
[Murders:] World wide reported.
Those in power counting
Ordered to kill and torture.
Actions you find yourself doing.
Questions didn't come to your head.
Superiors still asking you to kill.
Hatred used as a weapon. hatred, conditioned hatred.
History is repeating itself.
Over and over again but we still don't get it. Divided: we surely will fall.
History is repeating itself. Could we learn from our mistakes?

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