Versuri Beneath The Sky - In Loving Memory

Album: Beneath The Sky - In Loving Memory

I'm not alive. I'm not dead.
I can't be alive not without you.
I'm remembering everything and it hurts.

All I wanted to do was to heal your wounds.
I wanted you to see the beauty I see in you.
But you were never willing to comprehend.

You were never alone in this.
I'm always willing to be.
You were never alone in this.
I was willing to be by your side.

You always said, for the fight you'd be standing on the front lines.
Where your heart is you'll find your treasure.
Now it seems, I don't know, where your heart was at the whole time?
You never had to be alone through this and you know it.
I was always standing by your side.

Let me in your arms.
Let me be your first.
Let me share your pain.
Can you just let me in?

I always wondered 'bout that look in your eyes, so cold with no emotion
(It started from the moment when I entered your room)
and your hands at your side.
You can't hide from me ya know that I've been reading
(Saw the roses which yet haven't bloomed)
Your mind, and it's been telling me a story of an unhappy life.
So full of pain and so full of regret,
(I saw the gleam from the razor upon your wrist)
You left a message on my pillow that said "Never forget me."
I know you're so afraid of opening up, but I'm begging on my knees, can you just let me in?
(You told me it was the definition of our love)

It will never be over.