Between the Buried and Me sarbatoresc 20 de ani

de Cristi Nedelcu

Between the Buried and Me sarbatoresc 20 de ani

Between the Buried and Me vor lansa un vinil pe 15 mai cu ocazia a 20 de ani de la debutul lor pe scena muzicala.

Albumul "Between the Buried and Me" este remixat si masterizat de producatorul Jamie King si apare sub forma de vinil in varianta limitata.

"It's always a strange feeling when you bring faded memories back into focus and find yourself reflecting on an adventure that started two decades ago and somehow still continues to this day. All the daily ups-and-downs and side-to-sides of being in a band can sometimes blur the past and make you forget where you came from, and why you started doing this thing in the first place. So it's nice to dig up the bones of our humble beginnings, make them sound a little better, and present them to the people that have made this all possible.", a declarat chitaristul trupei, Paul Waggoner.

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