Versuri Between the Buried and Me - Fire For A Dry Mouth

Album: Between the Buried and Me - Between The Buried And Me

Your p**s is going sour... my mouth is full for the last time.
Don't think I don't read the gossip, don't think I
don't know what's coming out of your f*****g mouth.
You're broken, and I'm laughing, you're broken-go
drink your life away. Go f**k your life away with your
filthy std's and your f*****g night of rape.
Just go jerk off on your f*****g stomach, impregnate
yourself. You're born again, just like you've always
been. Every f*****g year... this year you abort
yourself-get the f**k out of my life.
Never come back, I don't ever need you around. What we
shared means s**t to you. Laugh at me all you want,
but I'm living what you once wanted. And I'm happy...
happy to be alive with real friend who don't spit in my face.
Real friends don't end friendship with change. It's
really hard to realize that you've stooped so low.
I've given chances, I've tried to mend... but it's all
over now, I move on.
I p**s in your mouth now, so don't ever talk to me again.
Tonight I will sleep well. Tonight I realize that I
will move on. Tonight I hope your bed catches flame.
Tonight I kill your f*****g face.
I killed your face.

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