Versuri BEYOND BELIEF - The Finishing Touch

Album: BEYOND BELIEF - Towards The Diabolical Experiment

The day of suffering
slumbers hours away
Sanctify the sinister
clear visual dreams
Accede me to the throne
and suture my scars
Low life
temporary extension

Leave life below
through the cradle and grave
Blinded by white
the mirror shines

Trembling effects
loss of direction
Soulside massacre
will leave its marks

The temptering bastard
waits for me at the other side
in this heart of mine
leads me on
Coloured horizon
lies miles away
Behold my phantasm
pertinacious demon

Give me wings to fly away
to another world
Chaos ruins whole my life
the fading time
Suffer on day by day
the creeping pain
Suicide my best friend
the final touch

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