Versuri Beyond Life - Requiem


Rain whispers the sound of the end,
Could you ever hear it sighing?
Hold my hand,
Save me from dying...

Creation within mournes tonight,
As the moonlight leaves the sight.
Woods and oceans dry in his eyes,
Lips scream his silence: "Reborn shall I be!"

Beyond skies, I lift my soul,
I'll miss you so ...
Don't return into pain,
Don't crowl, don't cry... goodbye.

Pray for death, while you reborn,
Sing the loneliness, feel the cold,
Remember that regrets blacken your soul...

Misleading verses, nothingness speaks:
"God forgives you, mortal, Amen!"
Wings throw you deeper into time,
Do you feel me crossing the line?

Leave and return,
Return and love,
Love and hate,
Hate and leave.

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