Versuri Beyond the Dream - Loneliness, The Usual Pain

Album: Beyond the Dream - The Beginning EP

Every night when I close my eyes
I think I'll never face so much lies that I've faced
Loneliness, the usual pain
I'm so far away from grace
'Cause You never embraced Me

When I'm alone...I remember that part of Me grew inside You
When I'm alone...I remember that part of Me died inside You
I m afraid...threaten by the empty walls around Me
I m so afraid...threaten by the dirty thoughts inside

Just yesterday...You said You ll love Me forever and I believed
Just yesterday...I saw You laughing but You laughed at Me

Mind and heart betrayed and used by love
Lies against trust 'til death do Us apart

You lay beside Me but it feels like I m alone
You put Your arms around Me but it feels not the same anymore

Abandoned, Our love and the fruit of it
Abhorred, buried...That s Me, insipid

...And while I sleep I m with You
And the sweet unborn child of Mine.