Versuri Beyond the Dream - My Cradle

Album: Beyond the Dream - The Beginning EP

Oh, there was a time
when I reached the sky and you were only mine
Now is the time when you tell me only lies
I know now is the time
when you leave me and I'm a child again

You make me face my first day alone
I can't handle it
You make me build the shelter above me for cupid
'Cause everytime when I cured my heart
You took another piece away

I remember you and your hand that rocks my cradle
'Cause you were the reason for my failure
Your hand that rocks my cradle
Because of you my heart is so pale

I will not survive from the labyrinth of your heart
Tonight I'm not sure when I finally face the light

Please share your kiss with me in this abyss
Now after midnight it's raining outside
You're laying on a floor
and I feel I want to die for you

I let this be my sacred prey on my secret path through the time

When all the flowers that you gave me died
In that time it's easy to cry but so hard to smile
And after all, I rebuild my shelter for cupid
I was stupid
But when I can love again

I still remember you...

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