Versuri Beyond the Dream - Snakes And One Heart

Album: Beyond the Dream - The Beginning EP

I'm the one who survived
From the daylight into nightmare
Oh, can you be my savior
In this endless and sleepless night in time
when I can't be the prayer
Just hold my hand and be mine

I'm hiding behind disguise
That's why I'm lost and blind in my paradise
I'm living my ideal life
That's why my judgement is to live behind daylight

I grew up in a place where light use to stay
Oh God, I swear it was heaven to Me
Now my mind is like the mind of a werewolf
I want to kill it what I love most

I know who I am but who are you
The silhouette of my bitter deja vu

The prisoner without jail
The bride without veil
Two against My heart
Snakes and one heart

I'm the one who has survived so far
From the pressure of snakes with one pure heart
I can't never realize how much it will cost
That's why my paradise is lost

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