Versuri Biomechanical - Breathing Silence

Album: Biomechanical - Cannibalised

Alone the hours race,
A shadow hides my eyes and face,
Disgraced the candles die
I'm in darkness once again

And I can't see the place,
Where I escape this,
Endless story, purgatory,
Forced to watch the living become dead

Staring at the source without a face
A room within a room conceals the fate
Fragments of unwanted dreams
Tearing at the walls for all its worth,
Fed realities
Will they... ever... end?!

Soar, arising from the core,
Remembrance of the one, of all that I've
Become, I'm breathing silence.
Rage, The words that I can shout
Can break above the ground
Reduced to nothingness
I'm breathing silence.

Voiceless I am inside,
A near-conscious state of mind
Redsigned to live through lies,
Filled with darkness once again

But I can't fade away
This white noise still
Echoes to me
Cuts right through me
It drips some life,
Just enough for me to see

Conscience pulls me
Beneath the horizon,
Nothing left, this final breath
Leaves me
Brings me