Versuri Biomechanical - No Shadows

Album: Biomechanical - Eight Moons

[Verse 1:]
Cold-Bright-Infinite-Light burns.
Strong sense of mortal radiance
Draws me, disintegrates sanity.
Helpless. Unable to resist.

Under attack
Claws leap out from the camouflage of
White on white. The Harvest of Iniquities starts

In a time thats not a time
and in a place thats not a place you will find

There are no shadows left to hide in
Hear your death knell
There are no shadows left to hide in
Fear wide open in a different hell

[Verse 2:]
White Death. Insanity
They hide so quietly-perfectly
The terror of silent carnage
Death will come many times
Til black honey
is extracted from its evil hive
Just pray the truth
Will flow transfused into the void.


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