Versuri Biomechanical - The Awakening

Album: Biomechanical - Eight Moons

[Verse 1:]
Sinner deceiver
Call me what you will
Winner believer
With power that can kill
There's nothing that you can say to me

Opposites and paradox
Pin me to the streets
Parasites and "oppodox"
Spreading the disease
Crawling out of my body bag
My soul is purified
It's when I'm dead I'm alive

When you dream
do you dream
Of evil blood and crushing metal bones?
When I sleep I destroy powerful gods in universal battle zones.

Is there no awakening?
For your higher self, from a life picked off the shelf?

[Verse 2:]
Darkness and silence
A moment to prepare,
Violent vortex
A moment and I'm there
Naked and hungry
I am born in to a new world every night.

One day you might, see all the things I see
Hypocrite at gunpoint, you will say anything
Just to get rid of me, but deep inside you know
Time and truth will rape you.



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