Versuri Biomechanical - The Unseen

Album: Biomechanical - Cannibalised

Affliction s penetrate the skin,
Infections preying from within,
Turn your face displace the sin try
To placate your fear.
Of sick and decadent design,
Figments falling out of line,
Turn your eyes away in vain,
Spectral tirade turns you

Ignorant, innocent, insular,
Achieve the impossible
Ignorant, innocent, insular, Repent

All we are masters of denial,
Remain silent in revile,
Restrain the pull to end it all.
Blind to the evil see
Our nightmares trapped
Behind a screen, Omni-present but
Unseen, rip the power off but
Still dreads remain.

I will be there, will not break
Until all the walls go down
And witness all those that we have lost
They will rise from the ashes of
The Unseen

Corruption tearing at the strain,
Visual camage through the vain,

Left with thousands to decay,

The unseen become evident
A plague of truth can break the will,
It takes your blood just to reveal,
For the life you thought you had,
Can never be the same.

Displace the sin
Break Through The Skin

Witness the walls go down
Grind them down

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