Versuri Black Majesty - Another Dawn

Album: Black Majesty - Tomorrowland

Somber night he awakes
He's withdrawn from the light
The son of the night
The moon and the sky
The gathering calling him out to flight
Another must pass to survive

He's the one that takes your life, your sacrifice
Cannot save your soul damn you to hell

Another dawn here it comes a new day
And you will still hide from the light
You will be waiting still sleeping until dusk comes again
Nothing but dawn in your heaven and hell
Yet you still hide from the light
Forever condemned
You're eternity condemned to the night

Baptized in blood of the ancient ones
The darkest of hate burns inside
Who is the one to be sacrificed
On this magical night?
Tempered by fire
Forgotten in hell
Ascending on this earth to dwell
Child of the moonlight
You're caught in a spell

He's the one that takes your life
As you wait for your sacrifice
Cannot ever save your soul
Destiny sent you to hell

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