Versuri Black Majesty - Darkened Room

Album: Black Majesty - Silent Company

I've seen and heard it all before
Maybe not in this life
Familiarity arrives
It's like I've been there before
Images mirrored doors
Surfaced in my mind in these eyes
I'm staring through the stained glass walls

You're watching me fall I'm so distant that I may be small
Confusion betrays and hides in corners
So many out there more than I see

These shimmering lights hide visions
I must not refrain from dreaming
I like the screams of silence
They're somber in my cold and darkened room

These wounds may heal if I just rest
And sit here for awhile
Subliminal drifting into new horizons
This rising tide may not drown me
But surely it will try much harder now
And deeper than its ever been before

All that I know is so distant then I am not sure
Confusion may still betray me