Versuri Black Majesty - Journey's End

Album: Black Majesty - Sands Of Time

There is fire in my veins
To return to my home land
Where the twilight dances
Through the skies at night
Hear the call
Through my transient dreams of home wishing for a quick return
As I set out on my way
I'm on my way

Roads that I walked are far behind
The things I've seen
the moment spent
To guide me on this journeys end
Moving toward the blinding light
Drowns my soul into unborn life
One day I'll find my way home

All the miles I've walked alone
Silent company I've known
On the wings of the night
My spirit takes to flight
Seeing signs of a day that's yet to come
Never fearing the unknown
As the north wind fills the sails to my home



On my way I'm heading home
To a place I long forgot
But my memories have served me well
With a vision I have seen
Golden roads and silver streams
But reality will cease to be