The Thrill Of It All Bass Tab - Black Sabbath

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The Thrill Of It All - Bass
Black Sabbath - Sabotage

       Intro (in time)                     2x
                                                        This part is
     a C minor penatonic groove,Geezer does lots of different stuff... 
     improvise.      Inclination of direction...          (optional)

     That's mostly it..theres not much more that I can tab out because 
     throughout the song Geezer throws in alot of licks and I don't 
     know em all and if I did it would take 10 pages to tab out so the 
     best I can say is create some grooves of the C minor penatonic, 
     when the song gets faster("Well that's my story and I'm sticken'
     to it cause I got no reason to lie...")it is just the C penatonic
     groove.  Throughout the song it goes back to the:
     ----------------------   /=slide up    h=hemmer-on
     ----------------------   =slide down  b=bend
     ----------------------   p=pull-off  ( )=bend to this note
     --5---4---5---4---5-4-... sorry I can tab more out but I can't tab
     out what's goin through Geezer's brain, just gotta groove,it's fun
     improvising though so just flow with it...

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