Versuri Black Sabbath - Snowblind

Album: Black Sabbath - Sold Our Souls For Rock'n'Roll

What you get is what you see,
These things don't come easily.
Better not be in my bain,
There's icicles inside my brain.

Something going in my head,
I have lice that soon would spread.
Torture is my very soul,
Makes me happy, makes me gold.

My eyes are blind but I can see,
Theres no place less of on me.
This song represents all the free,
I feel theres no place freezing me.

So let the bright the sushine on,
Let me touch the first of sunshine done.
The sunshine is like flakes of snow,
Some how I feel the children go.

Dont you think I know what I'm doing?
Because it's not incriminaly wrong.
Tie him to the tree cause he's loosing,
That's enough to put up alarm.

To let you know, I picked you flowers,
Turn my days to frozen hours.
Lying snowblind on the sun,
Waiting for ice age to come.

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