Versuri Black Sabbath - Wheels Of Confusion

Album: Black Sabbath - Masters Of Misery


[Produced by Paul Johnson / Cathedral.]
[Recorded at Rhythm Studios, Bidford, England July 1992]

Long ago I wandered through my mind
In the land of fairy tales and stories
Lost in happiness I had no fears
Innocence and love was all I knew
Was it illusion?

Soon the days went passing into years
Happiness just didn't come so easy
Life was born of fairy tales and daydreams
Innocence was just another word
Was it illusion?

Lost in the wheels of confusion
Running through furnace of tears
Eyes full of angered illusion
Hiding in every ???

So I found that life is just a game
But you know there's never been a winner
Try your hardest, just to be a loser
The world will still be turning when you're gone
Yeah when you're gone!


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