Versuri Blackguard - The Sword

Album: Blackguard - Profugus Mortis

A choice to make
A narrow road and no easy answers
Make a stand today
Small is the gate and hardship's what you'll face

Do you see what i've become
Or would you stop what i've begun
If your scorn is my gain then get out of my way
And i'll see you on the road

If i have the strength for this
Will i be the one to stand alone?
And if i can overcome
Will i be the better man for it?

This is the sword that divides us all
Make one wrong move and watch me fall
The burden of the choices made
How high the price
Never thought you'd pay

These wounds run deep, see
The fears as they creep
Now left alone
Abandoned and cold
Deserted, defeated
For the things that you believe in

If they turned their back to you
If they all just turned away from you
All from those who you thought you knew
What if this is what was asked of you

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