Versuri Blacklodge - Forge=PhoeniX

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>Rust:Condemning their deeds to
>Dust:Vanishing scared needs too
>Just:The Rise of the last Empire
>Must:Demise this world in Fire

>Oil / Fire / Death
>Cogwheel of fatality
>Bruising humans destiny
>For the Golden Idol

>Lust:Drowning humans without any
>Trust:Crowning ones who’ll dare the
>Most:No mercy hope for redemption is
>Lost: Lost forever Lost

>Sand / Gasoline / Cum
>Breed and desolation
>Theatre of the curse of the Sun
>Here will start the Armageddon

>Forge Phœnix
>Set the Earth on Fire

>Hatred spitting Fire
>And puking Nuklear totem
>Raping this planet
>Phallic organs of iron
>And sulphur f*****g
>God’s creation
>’’’f*****g God’s creation

>Towers of damnation
>Cuming toxik fluids
>Steal vultures rejecting magma
>Defying biological textures
>Turning this world to ashes
>Turning this world to ashes

>Alpha Phœnicis / Pulsing / Preparing
>The venue of planet X = Nibiru
>Astral sign / Prophetic mark
>Alpha Phœnicis / Praise the Sun
>To Nuklear this f*****g Earth
>Be your funeral
>Our planet’s gift
>Forge the Earth
>And awake
>The Power of Vulcan

>Earth = Battleground
>No place on Earth to hide
>This is the end of the times
>All of them will be swallowed
>All of us will be swallowed

>Terrean NeXus Of the 3 faiths
>Spawn by SataN 3 cursed Empires
>God / Allah / and Yahve
>Converging as times end
>Offer Him the blood
>Of their worshippers
>In the desert where reigns
>The Sun of SataN

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