Versuri Blacklodge - Luxifer Meme

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>Satanic replicator
>Hacking humanity
>Consciousness parasite
>Soul virus
>Luxifer Meme
>Corrupt their minds

>Sophisticated sensor of humans
>Resetting souls / Adjusting hearts
>To output dead cold components
>Beliefs magnet triggering His Will

>Join * Serve * Obey * Spread

>Greedy network of humans
>Upgrading lives / Processing minds
>To reboot empty flesh database
>Faith unit storing His Will

>Concentration / Organisation
>From tribes to the last Empire
>System arithmetic
>Mimetic to memetic
>All of us are His slaves

>Infernal rotation of humans
>Calibrating brains / Tightening feelings
>To fix rigid bio spare parts
>Centrifugal force screwing His Will
>Luxifer Meme

>Infest their brains

>Mind obsession / Chronic dysfunction
>From psychosis to religion
>System arithmetic >Mimetic to memetic

>Manufacturing egregors
>To control their destiny
>Consciousness parasite
>Soul virus
>Luxifer Meme

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