Versuri Blacklodge - Mission

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>Back_to flesh / Re-inited
>Reinjected in humans’ web
>A life_A bioshape_A will
>Among Worms to carve His Action

>Induced aim / A meaning for pain
>Inducted matter / A tool for the Master

>Black_threshold / Initiated
>Connected to SataN’s channel
>No past_No soul_Just signs
>Of worms flesh to build His Temple

>Revealed duty / The forge of idea
>Resealed power / The force of the Master

>Are you ready to die for your creed

>Vector of faith hosted by organic fate
>Is the Earth key to cross the eternity gates
>Innovation in perdition
>Next step in self destruction
>Surrender the Baphomet’s unction
>Give a meaning to life’s illusion >Rise//Be//Shine//Act//Burn//Destroy

>Tack_to the Sun >Archetype of Power
>Lucifer >My new soul deciphers
>Now I am nothing but

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