Versuri Blacklodge - Mors Ultima Ratio

Album: Blacklodge - Login:SataN

"Mors Ultima Ratio !"
Morbid addiction, and deadly occupations
Controlled substance, enhanced sense
No time for boreness,
chaos black lead madness
I fist God with SataN's words
and experience humans for Death Lords

Forbidden ecstasy of homicide
Delirium passion named suicide

It's a passion for life
It's a love for the dead
It's the caress of a knife
Erotism graveyard fed

Cirlces. The Sun. Eclipse. The dawn

Still gambling with life
Speed by my side, the road is straight
Ecstasy of speed, snowing glory
Loose or win, who gives a f**k ????
Immortality passion ?
Go blind and never stop !