Versuri Blacklodge - Prequel to the Kult

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>Sirens of the Apocalypse
>Howl in the halls of the Void
>Anthems of the Eclipse
>Tunes of a world to destroy

>Rage of the Armageddon
>Blind Scylla of suffering
>Devouring their cultures
>Swallowing their gods

>Their breed is sterile
>Their temples are rusted
>Worms blindly enjoying
>Fake orgasms of ashes

>Morphing / Life astral
>Muting / Challenge eternal

>Democratisation of genocide
>Annihilation of genes

>Dying / Melting in Fire
>Meaning of the Empire

>Dawn of Fire / Sun is rising
>Above the war fields
>Nuclear Orgasm
>Ocean of Fire / Flooding the nations
>Devouring life
>Cancelling evolution

>Their thrones are fainting
>Their idols are condemned
>Worms desperately screaming
>Their prayers are vain

>All these visions appear
>To the new Templars
>Anticipate these aeons
>This is the prequel
>To the Nuklear Kult

>Dusk of ashes
>Sun is falling
>Below the horizons
>Toxik clouds
>Contagious darkness
>End of History

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