Versuri Blacklodge - PsychoActive SataN

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>PsychoActive SataN
>Cogwheel of addiction
>Avatar X daemon
>Consciousness modification
>A Vision
>Ashes of extinction
>PsychoActive SataN
>Chemical Fire Amon
>Opening gates of perception
>Wisdom through destruction
>Morbid Premonition

>The flames of deities
>Are now in my chemical candies
>I hold my substance Sirius
>Close to my heart

>God is scared by our pills
>Can you dare our black magic
>Satanic rush
>Puking blood
>Morbid spasms * Life decay
>Fading breath
>Challenging death

>Satanic Rush
>Crawling on the ground
>Tetanized * Spiting
>Electric eyes * Staring
>At the Black Idol

>Holding the breath
>Feeling particles
>Draining through my blood
>And soul
>Anaesthesia for flesh
>Euphoria for the mind
>Black hole esoterism

>God is scared by our pills
>Can you bare our alchemy
>Satanic Rush
>Pulsing veins * Striking terror
>Paranoia * Psychosis

>Satanic Rush
>Heart beating hard
>Skin suffers nails carved
>The transformation is on
>The Sabbath begun

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