Versuri Blacklodge - T.A.O.S. (The Arrival of SataN)

Album: Blacklodge - Login:SataN

Falling churches of dead stones
Blackened skies of fire clouds
Waves of disease scorning the land
Signs of Stars the Prince descends
Arrogant Lords of Wars rise
The Necropulse Nexus human demise
Forbidden Gates open widely
As its slaves hails its infinity

Oh No !
....SataN !
This is the Arrival ...
...of SataN !

Raining blood thrashing as it was said before
Their states sinking under Anarchy's Lords
His Throne is made of shredded humans dying
And his scepter of Christblood blackshining
His command is vibrating with steal
Signs of the Revelations seal
Human souls Aquarius loads
This the times for new Gods !

Oh No !
....SataN !
This is the Arrival ...
...of SataN !

NecroPulse Nexus of SataN Go !