Versuri Blacklodge - Templars

Album: Blacklodge - Solarkult

>Arrogant Temple
>Of iron and blasphemy
>Psychocalls for human plugins
>Gathering in Extasy
>We are
>The New Templars

>Crusaders against life / Hatred
>Prophets of DrugZ MysticisM
>Abducted by the Iron Icon / Raised
>Strict individuals on a Mission

>Our Strength is the Meaning
>Our Faith is the Sign

>New breed of mystics / Spawn
>Acid faith / Warrior will
>Discipline of Hell
>Strictly alone / Fire teknoshamans 666
>Third Eye is our weapon
>We are preparing the dawn of the Kult

>Our Art is the Totem
>Our Master is SataN

>Morbid strife / Astral process
>Forbids life / Altar access

>Throwing deathly flames of SataN
>New aeons Fire threat
>Concrete of the Apocalyptical Beast
>Relay of the Luxifer Meme
>Guardians of His Temple
>LSD leads to
>Pledging allegiance
>Without begging for favours
>Our reward is His triumph
>Our value is our action


>Alone / Wandering on Earth
>We stare at the Sun
>Gate which gave life on Earth
>Gate which will bruise it
>We are
>The New Templars

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