Versuri Bleeding Through - Rise

Album: Bleeding Through - Portrait Of The Goddess

sink your teeth into delicate skin.
armor that hides your thoughts for this eternity,
a clean break that will never heal.
is this the pain that was felt every day,
f**k you, things will never change,
is this the pain that was felt everyday,
so f**k you, you'll never change, never change.
now we both bleed, now we both die.
now we both lose inside.
now we both lose,
we've been here forty times and we still lose forty one times.
we still lose in the end, time to rise.
every second of every hour.
time to rise.
we all lose in the end.
I'll forget this, I'll forget you,
I'll forget everyone,
I'll forget love letters you never f*****g wrote.
is this the pain.
so where is the pain.
so bring the pain.
I sweated blood for you.
time to rise.

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