Versuri Blind Guardian - Fast To Madness

Album: Blind Guardian - Follow The Blind


White hair and red eyes he is holding the crown
The king of the island Elric Melnibone
He's born for destruction
He's ruled by the Gods eternal hero
The scale of the universe

Blood on his hands he's born a thousand times
Why don't we feel the signs from the dragon king

Before the end of fire his journey starts
The eagle's spreading his wings following his fate
He's ruled from anywhere leads him to truth it's deep inside

Hail to the king they bless tonight He's the Saviour of our time
In a dark land far behind noone knows its name
There's a dark sword cold as ice A blade created for him

Stormbringer cries for the soul of everyone
Stormbringer cries "The ending has begun"

Run fast to madness Forever I
Run fast to madness Leave him alone

[Ref:] Run...

Destiny calling him back to the island
And time? Time is standing still
Time is not real [2x]

Armed with weapon awaiting the fight
He's leading the dragon The sun will never rise
Creatures are lurking in darkness they hide
High in the sky the dragon king is flying

Hail to the king of Melnibone
He's the Saviour of our time

Mourning desert rottingness Blade of dark will rise
Gods divine are hiding in the dark Needing Elric's hand

Stormbringer cries "I'm forged in darkest time"
Stormbringer cries "The ending has begun"

[Ref:] Run...

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