Versuri Blinded by Faith - An Ordinary Day (In North America)

Album: Blinded by Faith - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Today I have some time to lose
So I open the papers to read the news
A bad buzz, a disturbing experience
A real shock, Im going nuts
Tangled titles still linger in my head
The harsh new reality, revisited

[Pre Chorus:]
The gloves are off. And truth hurts.
Step through the looking glass.
Civilisation is on decline

Its just an ordinary day in North America
Where the worlds a stage and the play is not a comedy
Its just and ordinary day in North America
Sit comfortably and enjoy the show

Scandal figure resigns after being subpoenaed,
Political plunge in misbehaving.
Senators seek to improve their image,
Lady vengeance knocking at the doors of the Congress.

Police shoot a knife-wielding fugitive
in front of shot pedestrians.
Stray bullet killed girl, no progress in the investigation.
Attack dog out of control bites baby in the park.
Paris Hilton ruins Nick Carters life
Journalist beaten by a drug crazed pop star.

Five years after the anthrax scare, no answer.
Homeland security awards $400M in anti-terror funds.
Experts gauge the quantity of materials for destroying planes.
Lawmakers agree to spend $1 billion on tightening border.

Today I have some time to lose
So I open to papers to read the news
But theres something I dont understand
We revel in violence, plots, crimes and scandal
Masturbating while reading the death notices:
A post-modern form of catharsis?

[pre chorus and chorus]

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