Versuri Blinded by Faith - Barcode Blindfold

Album: Blinded by Faith - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Everyday, every minute, everywhere
We are assailed by appeals to consumption
Always the same song with a few variations:
You must buyyou must buy
You must buy a cage to trap the beast within
You must buy revolvers to sleep well
You must buy a house with bullet-proof doors
You should even buy a fake wife to wax your floors

You must buy this new car to go far
You must buy that new pool to be cool
(and soon youll rent the sky to hang yourself with your tie or maybe slash your wrists with a loaded credit card)
You need more and more s**t to be wise
You must buy more stuff to looks nice
(And soon youll need a psy cause youll be wondering why your whole existence is so devoid of sense)

What you get aint what you see
Publicity deforms reality
Use your f*****g brain cells
To get rid of the barcode blindfold
What you get aint what you see
Dont shut your mouth, dont let it be
Its now or never, the brainwash is over
Take off the barcode blindfold

They will turn garbage into gold,
They will sell cosmetics for your soul,
Instant pleasure and plastic love,
They might even solve what cant be solved
Top-one illusion for a limited time
Packaged paradise and chap peace of mind
Wake up and tear down the screen
Were not living in a f*****g dream.


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