Versuri Blinded by Faith - Elite Insight

Album: Blinded by Faith - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Once a tangible domination, today its a covered supremacy
From a mighty vortex the darkest City drains energy
Since the first epoch to our modern era
To the royalty we leave our reward

[Verse 1:]
Once it was a religious way of living,
today its a scientific way of thinking
As abstinence used to be advised,
Debauchery is now advocate

Oh, geniuses of evil know in such a way
To be dissolute is to be lost away

Do not fear the Elite insight
Hold on tight; theyre scared of our wealth:
Of our consciousness,
Of our spirit, endless
Together as one we will break the spell

To assure our longevity, a new medicine shall be the key
Be aware of disease and drink the poisoned elixir!
Our obedience to the Brotherhood:
Fear to lose a unique life

But the time has come for us to know
The deliverance of our mind dwells in
Forgotten knowledge of mankind
We are eternal, as every living kind

[Repeat verse 1]

Oh, geniuses of evil know in such a way
How to prompt us to enter their maze of decay

From the events covered up and report
We must learn to read between the lines
To finally discover what lies behind
The feather of a twisted mind

We now have the Elite in sight
Hold on tight, hope stand in the Light
In our consciousness,
In our spirit, endless
United we stand to reflect the spell

I fear not!
I now fear nothing at all!

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