Versuri Blinded by Faith - The World Has Something To Offer

Album: Blinded by Faith - Under An Occult Sun

I was born alone in a crypt
Where I grew up as an hermit.
This decrepit cave is filled
With petrified figures.
I've devoted my life to infamy
Among these tombs I've called my family.

But today, fed up with this polluted air,
I escape from my shrine
To discover the lakes and mountains around.
My heart wonders at the magnificence
Of a landscape under a vibrant dawn.

The world has something to offer
That gives me the force to go further.

Again and again, I'll climb these mountains
And catch every golden ray of light.
The pure breeze cleans out my lungs,
The road is hard and long, but not that much,
As hope lifts me to the highest summits.

Making a stop to drink from a spring
I meet mountain people,- strong and straight-
And followed them in their village
To continue my pilgrimage.

They welcome me like a king,
As if I was their long gone friend.
Women are lovely and children smile,
I'd like to stay here for a while,
But I must go on, my search's not over yet,
And I'll never regret my ancient casket.

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