Story Of A Lonely Guy Chords - Blink 182


A   E   F#m   D x2


A            E          F#m            D
 Push it out, fake a smile, avert disaster, just in time

A               E              F#m              D
 I need a drink, cause in a while, worthless answer from friends of mine

A                 E              F#m         D
 It's dumb to ask, cool to ignore, girls posess me, but they're never mine

A             E                F#m                D
 I made my entrance, avoided hazards, checked my engine, I fell behind


F#m   D   A   E

             F#m   D   A   E
I fell behind


A             E              F#m             D
 She makes me feel like it's raining outside

A             E                F#m                D
 And when the storm's gone i'm all torn up inside

A           E           F#m            D
 I'm always nervous on, days like this like the prom

A          E                     F#m           D
 I get too scared to move, cause i'm a fuckin' boy