Violence Chords - Blink 182

Titile: Violence
Artist: Blink 182
Tabbed by: cromwell07

Eb pause- Eb pause
Eb- F- C- C

(drum beat)
Six bottles went down the drain 
One hour a wasye of time
I'd ask you if you feel the same
Still pushin that chance to try
Your breath in this cool room chill
Long that blows side to side
You speak and make time strands till
And each time you walk right by

Eb           F          C        D
Like violence you have me forever 
and after
Eb           F          C        D
Like violence you have me forever 
D       pause
and after

(drum beat)
Can't count all the eyes that scare
Cab't count all the things they see
She kills with no life to space
Just victims are left to bleed
One drink and the pain goes down
Soft shadows lay by her feet
Lay soft as you slowly down
Lay still as you fall asleep (fall asleep)

(Repeat Chorus)

and after...

C-D-G-Ab (4x)

(Repeat Chorus 3x)

for my new friend Ossi