Versuri BLODSRIT - The Rape Of Vestal Purity

Album: BLODSRIT - Ocularis Infernum

To see you bleed
To hear you beg for death
To sense thy anguish
With fear and despair
Thou filthy angel
That has fallen from the skies
I am thy judge, jury and executioner

Angel of purity there is no god to save you
Sodomized embraced in total death
Demonized no god would ever want you now
Sacrificed cloaked in the death of all life

By the wings thou art crucified
Humiliation and agony
Thy prayers will forever stay unheard
No hope for mercy, nor hope to be reborn
At last thou shalt find the glory of the dark

So spread your wings
Angel of impurity
Under thy great shadow
All life will fear thy wrath

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