Versuri Blood Red Throne - Demand

Album: Blood Red Throne - Souls of Damnation

Manipulate the beast. Serving, control
Swallow the praise of dirt
Salvation for me
There is no such thing as salvation
Chaos supreme...
Cut out my tongue, and I will tell you the truth.
It grabs me. It makes me remember the evil...
The curse stands as a monument in time. Forever...
These are the skulls of tomorrow
Kill... fade away
And once again
I use my knife,
This time I cut to your bone.
Your flesh falls to the ground.
Your blood hits my eyes.
I crawl inside your head, bringing out your dead.
Watch them cry
22 days of struggle,
Praise, Fight, Desire, Demand
And we bring you the glory
The Throne will never fall...
No longer dead

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