Versuri Blood Red Throne - Dream Contolled Murder

Album: Blood Red Throne - Monument Of Death

Blood trails running down the stairs
i chase the wounded one and pull her back by the hair
why i do not know how this became my life
my eyes are shut and still i know where to ram my knife

Bits of her tounge stuffed down her throath
keeps her from screaming as i ram her head with a hammer
crushed skull open, blood smeared face
my laughter roar as i crush her teeth

Scream shattered silence, throat slit corpse
I kill again and ive killed before

Watching her bleed to death,
lick my hands and spit out her nipples
oh my dark dream master, this was my tripple

Mystery or not, death is real
Blood dripping knife
I know the secret how to end a life

Scream shattered silence, throat slit corpse
I killed again and ive killed before

Fragmented memory of the bloody act
Blood shut eyes staring at me as i end her life
she watches me cut, stabb, slit and strife
yet another victim end a pathetic life-----

Mamas baby daughter screams
mourning her dead mother
So i pick up the hammer
and kill her like the others

I lay myself down to sleep,
this must be a dream,
but every time i open my eyes
another one screams

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