Versuri Blood Red Throne - Human Fraud

Album: Blood Red Throne - Souls of Damnation

some issues will stay unanswered
making room for speculation
the one thing we know for certain
religious beliefs are based on mythology
confirmed by history
and the very essence of human beings
only the narrow minded
refuse to acknowledge and accept this
we can not destroy you
or convince you with logic
but we'll wait and rest assured;
your faith will come to an end
The truth is without limit
who's o claim it on behalf of a human creation
it's the fear of decide
when killing is an act of a non-existing god
history repeats itself
it always has and it always will
it's a question of viewing
humanity in the right context

Therein lies the answer to the secret
it isn't hard to grasp or even understand
but it is threatening in its simplicity
and you cannot see it