Versuri Blood Red Throne - Throne of Damnation

Album: Blood Red Throne - Souls of Damnation

Dead eyes in hollow shells
a distant rumbling in this hell
clinging to existence, infected lives
fungus of humanity, in decay thrives

How morbid you are in total failure

a leading star, but also descending
formless, disengaged and mordant in reason
(by all means) vindicate your action,
but we see your ending

isolated and dead congregation
no longer in exile or in hibernation
an epoch is over, rejoice, rejoice!
prepare for a head count of our enemies loss
no room for believers or erratic behavior
rid the world of this pestilent plague
don't care for those craving heartbroken
in times of enlightment they've been outspoken

You have conquered the throne of damnation
all there is to inherit; a world's demise
you have conquered the throne of damnation
crown yourself king of everything despised

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