Versuri Bloodshoteye - Be My Victim

Album: Bloodshoteye - An Unrelenting Assault

Chained down to deaths bed
awaiting an exit

The door that leads you out of harms way
opens only to slam in your face
scared right to the bitter end
when the last tear drops
I''ll know my work here is done

the prelude to death is torture
eyes flooded in fear
be my victim tonight
may the bloodshed begin

its time to come out and play
start off slow and end it with a bang
pleas of desperation I''m sorry
will get you no f*****g where
forcing myself to drag it out
but temptation overcomes
the harder you scream the more I kill to hurt
I draw my blade and take the lunge
straight into your heart

the last tear has dropped
my work here is done

be my victim

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