Versuri Bloodshoteye - Bound to Break

Album: Bloodshoteye - An Unrelenting Assault

Glimpses as I crash in the dark of the night
Have been forced upon me
A disastrous occurrence may lead us into
The end of all mankind
Aimlessly running in search of sanctuary
The shrill sound of helpless cries
There's no where to run
There's no where to hide
A total of zero survive

In waking I see the writing on the wall
Unsure of what to make of it all
Confirmation or exaggeration
Are we all doomed for hell?

We've crossed over that line to the point of no return
Close your eyes
Say goodnight
The whole world sleeps tonight

Do we create our own fate
Or will we all suffer for someone else's mistake

Collapse as we stand the test of time
As we accept the coming of our demise

This time we can't fix what's been broken
This chapter has come to an end
This is the end
The coming of our demise

The whole world sleeps tonight

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