Versuri Bloodshoteye - Deaths Sweet Revenge

Album: Bloodshoteye - Without Any Remorse

All I need is just a bit of some violence
The taste of blood for my silence
The stench of death for my silence
This is the only way I can escape
This is the only way I feel any relief
Your time has finally come
Do you have any last words
Thats too bad, you had your chance
and now its my f*****g turn
Now your fate lies in my hands
Your fate lies in my hands
It's all about to end
just leave it alone
Don't try and fight its all over
I'm in control I have the power
To make your life a living hell
Or f**k your soul, f**k it to death
I'd rather just end it all now
It's time we faced the facts
You mean nothing to me
Game over, all bets off
It's time you and I resolve this matter
Once and for all
We'll see who's laughing when you're buried
Six feet underground
My addiction is the sound of your screams
And the sound of your heart
When it finally stops beating
Believe me when I say
That I can lead you to your grave
I am not afraid of taking your last breath away
I hope your soul never rests
the time has come
There's no escaping me
Its all torn apart
Was it worth your life
You had everything taken from you

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